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“This program allowed me to kick-start my college education for free. [Many] of the professors that teach at POPP are retired or active LAPD or FBI officers. Those professors provide us cadets with a vast variety of information on what it is like to be working in the field of law enforcement. They also give us tips on how to prepare for things such as job interviews and promotions, and they give us information on different positions in the field.”
“My earliest involvement in police programs came in kindergarten when my elementary school first announced a program called the Peacemakers. This program taught us to make reports and keep an eye out for troublemakers. It was like a stripped-down version of what a police officer does, which I grew to love. To me, this was a major stepping stone toward my desire to protect and serve. Later on in my time in elementary school, my older sister started training to become a police officer at the Elysian Park Police Academy. Every morning, I watched her prepare her crisp blue shirt, pinned with her name, and nicely ironed early in the morning, knowing that at a certain point, I would do the same.”
“I aspire to become an officer in the Marines and then a law enforcement officer eventually. I know that with the trust of God, my mom, dad, and little brother Jonathan, my mentors, friends, and other officers that I have all the motivation I need. “Quit” is not a word that describes me. Even when obstacles come my way in life, I know that there is success on the other end of the road.”
“My ultimate goal is to become a law enforcement officer, and my sisters and parents are the reason I’ve never quit. My mom says, “Lelsy, your younger sisters are following in your footsteps.” I feel that obligation to push my younger siblings. They inspire me to reach my goal.”
“I feel very passionate about helping people and becoming a police officer…I have always thought of people in uniform as inspirational and as role models, and I have always wanted to help those in need and those who are vulnerable.”
“I really do appreciate all this program has given me. It is a great opportunity and a whole new experience.”

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