POPP Application FAQ

Do I need to have an interest in law enforcement to apply to POPP?
Yes. All applicants to POPP must have clear aspirations to pursue law enforcement as a career.

Do I need to be / become an LA Community College District student to apply to POPP?
Yes. POPP is an LACCD program. If you are already an active LACCD student, you’re all set, but if you are not an LACCD student with an active 9-digit student ID number, you must complete this free application to become a West LA College student. Be sure to apply for the summer semester of the year you would begin at POPP.

Do I need to be prepared to keep and maintain physical fitness standards?
Yes. As with the LAPD recruit academy, physical training is a part of both the POPP application process and the daily POPP schedule. All POPP students perform physical training every day, and all applicants will need to meet LAPD standards of physical fitness at POPP.

Do I need to be affiliated with a law enforcement agency before applying to POPP?
While it is recommended to be affiliated with a law enforcement agency before applying to POPP, it is not required. However, at least one letter of recommendation for each applicant should come from a representative of a law enforcement agency.

If I am still in high school, do I need to be on track to graduate in order to apply to POPP?
Yes. We do not provide credit recovery at POPP, so all students applying as high school seniors must be on track to graduate. Additionally, everyone applying to POPP will need to provide copies of their high school or college transcripts.